imTrader Trading Contest is a trading event for global trading users and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to held a stage for users to share their trading capacity and find some outstanding traders.

In the trading competition, traders can use their own different trading techniques and strategies. FOLLOWME will calculate the score with multi-dimension system and each traders’ achievement and performance can be seen. According to the rules, traders can sign up for the competition anytime.

Over the past 8 seasons, 14,889 participating accounts have accounted for cumulative equity of 102,351,239 USD, 64 winners have been generated and a total of 116,837 USD has been awarded accumulatively.

1. Contest Organizer

imTrader Trading Contest

Contact: @imTrader Contest

2. Technical Support

FOLLOWME Trading Community


3. Contest Time

3.1. Registration Time (UTC+2)

September 16, 2021 00:00:00-December 01, 2021 00:00:00

3.2. Competition Time (UTC+2)

September 27, 2021 00:00:00 - January 1, 2022 00:00:00

3.2.1 Calculation time of monthly ranking (UTC+2)

The first month: 00:00:00 on September 27, 2021 - 23:59:59 on October 31, 2021

The second month: 00:00:00 November 01, 2021 - 23:59:59 November 28, 2021

3.3. The time in the rules of the competition is UTC+2 time 


4. Participants

FOLLOWME support more than 3,500 brokers' MT4 real trading accounts to register for the competition.


5. Competiton Website


6.Contest Grouping

6.1. Grouping Criteria

Micro Account Group:0 < Equity < 10,000 USD

Large Account Group:Equity ≥ 10,000 USD

Random Group: If the participating account in the micro account group or the large account group triggers forced liquidation or have the subscription orders, it will be moved into the random group.

* It was just supported for the real trading account on the signal list for licensed brokers.

* Broker Group: All participating accounts will be grouped according to their respective brokers.

6.2. Grouping Rules

6.2.1. The participating accounts registered before the start time will be grouped with the group equity (>0) at 00:00 (UTC+2) on September 27, 2021, as the initial equity.

6.2.2. The participating accounts that are not grouped at the start of the competition will be synchronized at 00:00 (UTC+2) every day from the next day after registration to the competition registration closed, and the accounts will be grouping when account equity>0.

For the accounts registered after the competition start, the account equity will be synchronized at 00:00 (UTC+2) every day from the day after the competition start to the competition registration closed, and the accounts will grouping when account equity>0.

7. Ranking Rules

7.1. Ranking Update Time

The score and ranking of participating accounts will be updated at 00:10:00 (UTC+2) every day except Sunday (the update may be delayed due to network delays, etc.).

7.2. Calculation Formula of Comprehensive Score 

Participating accounts are ranked and displayed in descending order based on their group’s comprehensive score. The comprehensive score is calculated by the weighted sum of the four individual scores. The calculation formula for the synthesis score of each group is as follows:

Micro Account Group & Large Account Group & Random Group:

Comprehensive Score=Account Equity Score*10%+Maximum DD Score*30%+Accumulated Net Profit Score*30%+Profit Ratio Score*30%

Broker Group:

Comprehensive Score=Account equity Score*20%+Maximum DD Score*20%+Accumulated Net Profit Score*30%+Profit Ratio Score*30%

7.3. Calculation Formula of Individual Score

7.3.1 Four individual scores will be calculated for all participating accounts. They are account equity score, maximum DD score, accumulated net profit score and profit ratio score. 

7.3.2. Calculation Formula of Equity

Equity score =(Account equity/Maximum equity of the group)*100*30% +((n-Rank+1)/n )*100*70%;

Note: “n” is the total number of participating accounts in the group and “Rank” is the ranking of the group's account equity from high to low.

There are no restrictions of deposit and withdrawal during the competition, but it will affect the equity of participating accounts in the micro account group, large account group, random group, and broker group.

The data reading of deposit and withdrawal equity may be affected by order unsynchronized, delay of order transmission time and so on. As a consequence, the data will be inaccurate and so the net maximum DD score will be affected.

*The maximum value of the account equity of the micro account group will not exceed 10,000 USD.

7.3.3. Calculation Formula of Maximum DD Score

Maximum DD score=(n-Rank+1)/n *100;

Note: “n” is the total number of participating accounts in the group and “Rank” is the ranking of the group's maximum drawdown from high to low.

E.g. If “A” is a participating account in a micro account group and the maximum DD is 5%, it will be the minimum drawdown in the 1,000 participating accounts of the group. Therefore, the score of “A” in that group is(1,000-1+1)/1,000 *100=100.

*The calculation of the maximum drawdown is based on the equity points recorded per hour and is obtained by calculating the largest drawdown part.

7.3.4. Calculation Formula of Accumulated Net Profit Score

Accumulated net profit score =(Account net profit/Maximum net profit of the group)*100 *30% +((n-Rank+1)/n )*100*70%;

Note: “n” is the total number of participating accounts in the group and “Rank” is the ranking of the group's account profit amount from high to low.

Account Net Profit Amount: The amount of profit and loss of all orders that are closed during the competition and still held at the end of it.

If there is a position order at the beginning of the competition (or at the time of registration, and choose the latest time), the floating profit and loss of the position at that moment will be deducted from the final profit amount. If all participating accounts in the group are losing money, the accounts maximum net profit will be calculated based on the absolute value of the maximum loss.

If there is a deposit behaviour in the account of the micro account group. The partial calculation will be valid only when its conditions satisfied both:

a, The equity when grouping-Loss amount+Accumulated deposit>10,000 USD;

b, The account equity when parted>10,000 USD.

Partial calculation: The account net profit=The closing profit before parted+(10,000 USD*The adjusted return after parted)

*Note: Definition of loss amount:

a, If Closing profit and loss+Holding profit and loss> 0, it’s 0;

b, If Closing profit and loss+Holding profit and loss> 0, it’s the number’s absolute value.

7.3.5. Calculation Formula of Profit Ratio Score

Profit Ratio Score=(n-Rank+1)/n*100;

Note: “n” is the total number of participating accounts in the group, and “Rank” is the ranking that is based on the fund’s net profit ratio (the adjusted return) from high to low.

7.4. Calculation of Scope Equity

7.4.1 During the competition, if the equity of the participating account≤0, it will be calculated as 1 USD.

7.4.2 The participating accounts will start statistics and calculations after grouping, and the profit of holding position during grouping will not be included in the calculation of net profit.


8. Rank and Awards

8.1. Calculation Rules of Rank Awards

8.1.1. Micro Account Group

First Place:N*20%

Second Place:N*10%

Third Place:N*4%

Monthly Champion:N*0.5%

8.1.2. Large Account Group

First Place:N*40%

Second Place:N*20%

Third Place:N*4%

Monthly Champion:N*0.5%

* “N” is the total prize of the season.

8.2. Calculation Rules of Prize

The total prize of imTrader Trading Contest is 5,000 USD in global competition area and it will be distributed to the winners in the ranking propotionally.

8.3. Award Publicity and Verification

8.3.1. Publicity period of winners: January 1, 2022 - January 15, 2022

All winners need to pass FOLLOWME real-name authentication and be consistent with the MT4 account name.

8.3.2. During the publicity period, if users dispute the account type, order authenticity, deposit authenticity, statistics accuracy and other parts of the ranking account, the contest organizer will verify the information of the disputed account. The disputed account must provide proof of video recording that shows the account name, account number, deposit and withdrawal records as well as the associated bank deposit order clearly in the brokers' background where the account is located.

8.3.3. At the end of the publicity period, the undisputed winners will be given awards by the contest organizer. The prize will be distributed to the bank account submitted by the winning user in FOLLOWME, and the specific rules will be notified separately.

8.3.4. The personal income tax involved in the prize should be declared by himself/herself by the policy of the located country or region.

8.3.5. Monthly ranking prize will be issued within 7 working days after the ranking is announced.


9. Competition Terms

9.1. Participating means that users agree to authorize their account data to be displayed and used in the competition.

9.2. The connection of accounts means that the user agrees to the Account Connection Agreement of FOLLOWME Trading Community and accepts all terms.

9.3. It is not allowed to be retired during the contest temporarily.

9.4. If there is a disputed account, the equity and the number of orders will be deducted from the calculation of the prize.

9.5. If a broker is removed from the signal list for licensed brokers during the contest, all participating accounts of the broker will be removed from the micro/large account group and will only be displayed in the broker group.

Understand the Standard of the Signal List for Licensed Brokers.(Link:

9.6. Winners will be disqualified for the following situations:

a, The account profit ratio≤0 during the competition.

b, The account does not cooperate with verification or verification fails.

c, The account identified as Credit and its’ total deposit is greater than the sum of initial equity and the deposit during the competition. 

9.7. The competition has the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the competition by requirements of relevant laws and regulations, judicial or administrative orders and actual conditions.


10. Disclaimer  

10.1. As an independent third-party event system, imTrader trading competition only provides data display of trading accounts for statistical publication and does not involve any trading products. The participants have to take the consequences for any part, or all of the losses incurred due to any CFD transactions during the competition. imTrader Trading Contest and technical supporters do not assume any responsibility.

10.2. The imTrader trading competition does not guarantee that the network service will meet the requirements of the participants, nor does the network service will not be interrupted. The timeliness, security, and accuracy of network services are not guaranteed, either. For network service interruptions or other defects caused by force majeure or uncontrollable reasons, imTrader trading competition and technical support parties shall not assume any responsibility.



1. Can I trade if I have successfully registered before the start of the competition?

Yes, you can trade, but trading orders before the start of the competition will not be 

counted in the score of the competition.

2. Will the position order of the trading account affect the score of the contest when I sign up?

No effect, the score of the contest will be calculated after the account is grouped.

3. Will deposits and withdrawals affect the score and ranking during the game?

Yes, it will affect the score of the account equity. There are no deposit and withdrawal 


4. Why is my account score no longer displayed?

a, Account cannot be connected due to incorrect password: The system will automatically check 

the connection status of all participating accounts at 23:45 daily (UTC+2, except weekends). 

If the connection cannot be made due to an incorrect password, the contest score of the 

account will no longer be displayed.

b, Account dispute: During the contest, if there is a dispute in the account under contest rules 

8.3.2, the contest score of the account will no longer be displayed.

*Accounts whose contest scores are no longer displayed will be ranked in reverse order 

according to the time of elimination.

5. Can I subscribe to signal and copytrading during the competition?

Yes, you can subscribe to signals, but when or after grouping, if the account has open 

copytrading orders, it will be moved to the random group.

6. After the trading account is connected, why is it not displayed on the list of accounts that can be selected for the contest?

After the trading account is successfully connected, there may be a 1–10-minute delay 

in data synchronization by the system, please be patient.

7. Under what circumstances will the contest accounts not be grouped?

a. The account equity≤0 at registration time and still≤0 before the end of registration time.

b. Change the password when connecting before the competition and was not updated to the FOLLOWME trading community.

8. Can I use multiple accounts to participate in the competition?

Yes, you can use multiple accounts to participate. But in the same group, only the account with the highest score is displayed. If there is no account displayed on the list, can check in My Contest.